Starting a business from the ground up is no easy task, no matter what industry you’re building on. It takes financial investment as well as investment in time, and there is no guarantee the business will succeed. Not everyone is a risk-taker, which is why not everyone can be an entrepreneur. If you’ve got an idea for a business but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to move forward on your idea, you may not be a true entrepreneur. Here are three signs you could have an entrepreneurial heart. 

1. You’re an Extrovert

Forging an idea onto paper and then making it happen takes lots of energy and planning. It also requires making connections with the right people who can help their dream succeed. An introvert might struggle with reaching out to make those connections, but an extrovert will be willing to not only jump at the opportunity but will do so with gusto.

If you’re an introvert with a business idea, you might do better to pass your idea along to someone else who can make it happen. 

2. You Come From a Family of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs aren’t satisfied once their first business venture has been built and is operational. They’re always on the lookout for new investment opportunities and ideas.

Research has shown the entrepreneurial spirit might be in the genes. Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs come from a long line of risk-takers. However, just because you’re willing to take a risk does not guarantee you’ll succeed. An entrepreneur knows this, and yet they’re willing to try anyway. 

3. You Want It Bad Enough

If you’re not an extrovert and you’re not from a long line of business-minded ancestors, that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed at your attempts to start a new business. It does mean you’re willing to step into a realm that makes you a bit more uncomfortable. If you can do that, then you must want it to happen pretty badly and it’s likely your idea is a good one. Perhaps you should go for it. 

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t require a college idea or really any type of specialized training. All that’s required is an idea and lots of motivation. If the wheels are churning in your brain, share your idea with friends and family who will provide an honest opinion. If the feedback is positive, you may well be on your way to your first business venture.