Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

purchase order financing

Small businesses rely on their suppliers to help them deliver superior service and value. Paying those suppliers is key to timely order delivery and strong customer relationships. When you encounter new opportunities and challenges, our purchase order financing can help. Producers, resellers, distributors, and wholesalers can all benefit from this powerful commercial finance solution.

How Purchase Order Loans Work

Purchase order loans are exactly what they sound like – they’re loans to pay suppliers for specific purchase orders. In other words, we pay your suppliers on your behalf to release your orders for shipment. Once your customers have their orders, we collect payment directly from them. We then deduct our fees and send you the remaining funds. Purchase order loans are simple, quick and offer several great benefits:

  • No long-term debt or equity impacts
  • On-time customer delivers
  • Potential market share expansion
  • More resources for large and unexpected orders

Purchase order loans are available for businesses dealing in imports, exports, or domestic production. Since they aren’t traditional bank loans, they can be excellent options for startups or businesses with cash flow issues.

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