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Invest with Confidence: Bridge Loans from $1 Million to $100 Million

bridge loans

Financing your commercial real estate is not always as easy as taking out a mortgage on the property. Sometimes you need a short-term solution to help you get immediate financing while you work out a long-term solution for repayment. When you get bridge loans from Hornet Capital Solutions, you get immediate access to the financing you need so you won’t miss out on a great opportunity to acquire property for growth or investment purposes.

Hard Money Loan Basics

Getting a long-term loan for commercial property often takes a significant amount of time, but sometimes strategic business transactions cannot wait. Hard money loans provide financing with a short duration (typically not longer than a couple of years) so you can either refinance into a traditional loan or liquidate the property in the meantime. It creates a “bridge” between the initial purchase and the long-term financing solution.

Financing Your Next Commercial Real Estate Purchase

Whether you are rushing to close a property deal, trying to get property out of foreclosure, or you just want to take advantage of an opportunity to grow your business, these flexible loans offer a great opportunity to get funding from $1 million to $100 million in as little as five days.

Hard Money Loans Criteria and Rates:

  • Loan size: $1,000,000 to $100,000,000
  • Lending area: National and international
  • Collateral: Commercial real estate, including raw land and development projects
  • Interest rate: Variable from 9% to 14% depending on collateral
  • Amortization: Interest only
  • LTV: Up to 80%
  • Origination fee: 1 to 4%
  • Closing time: 5 days to 1 month

Hornet Capital Solutions has experience and relationships with many leading private investment firms to help you get quick access to capital through bridge and hard money. Contact us today to find out more about whether they are the right financing tool for you.

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