If owning a franchise is a dream as it is for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs each year, you certainly don’t want that dream to “die on the vine.” No, you want to experience healthy and continuing franchise growth.

Why is Franchise Growth Important?

Franchise growth is important because the competitive landscape is always growing, and you’ll certainly want to keep up. With growth, you’ll be able to create more jobs, pay employees more, retain key people, and help them expand their potential. You’ll be able to serve (and hopefully delight) more customers. Real growth helps a company increase the confidence of its customers, stakeholders, and financial partners, and it leads to a more positive reputation. Growth also helps create operational and financial efficiencies.

Tips to Achieve Franchise Growth

Use these useful tips to achieve franchise growth:

Focus on having the best operations possible. Follow the franchisor’s operating system but perfect your own business model within that system. Customers will judge your business by the way it runs.
Make sure your managers are reliable and honest. Strong management will facilitate strong operations.
Hire right. You want to hire people that will fit your vision, not just “fill a slot.”
Constantly train your employees and provide both the attention and the resources for them to succeed and grow individually and as a team.
Always emphasize excellent customer service.
Build your own strong brand identity, leveraging the strength of the franchisor’s brand.
Allow growth to happen naturally. Forced growth can lead to mistakes.

Avoid Franchise Mistakes

Avoid franchise mistakes that can derail franchise growth. Mistakes can include assuming you have no competition, not knowing about, nor learning from your competitors. Don’t have unrealistic growth goals or unrealistic financial goals. Don’t stray from the established system. Don’t fail to ask for corporate help. Make sure you have a strong marketing strategy and adequate marketing funding.

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