Companies that have a large and engaged social media audience can easily market their products and services. Building a robust social media following is no easy task though. Check out this list of four ways to grow your business’s social media audience.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier to find specific pieces of content. Some social media platforms, such as Instagram, allow users to follow hashtags as well as profiles. This means that people who are not following your brand’s page may end up stumbling across your content if you pair it with hashtags. You can even create hashtags for your brand and encourage your followers to use them whenever they are discussing or promoting your products or services.

2. Share Stories

Social media stories are time-limited clips that give you the opportunity to disseminate information. Many companies use stories to relay details about new campaigns or product launches. On the social media sites that feature stories, if a page is public, anyone can view its stories. Your business can submit stories on a regular basis; this will increase engagement amongst your followers and attract the attention of people outside your following.

3. Participate in Lives

Live streaming is a great way for your brand to communicate directly with people. A multitude of companies have live-streamed their promotional events and their guests were a mixture of people who were already part of their consumer base and individuals who were just curious about what they were advertising. By going live consistently, you can draw more people to your brand as they watch your streams and learn more about the items or services you offer.

4. Respond to Comments

On platforms like Instagram, anyone can comment on a public page. This means that random people who come across your brand’s page can comment on one of your posts. Their comments may be questions concerning your business’ offerings. Be sure to reply to as many comments as possible. Doing so ensures that those who visit your page get the answers they are looking for; this will increase their likelihood of following your page and purchasing the products or services you showcase on it. Responding to comments also helps you build trust, which can also enlarge your audience.

There are a plethora of paths you can take to grow your social media audience. You and your team can explore these paths and decide which one is best for your brand.