Monthly Archives: May 2022

How to Prepare for an SBA Loan

Many business owners who need additional funding for their companies have difficulty obtaining loans due to low personal credit ratings, insufficient collateral, or unimpressive documentation. However, lenders are more likely to approve your application for a loan backed by the... Read More

A Beginners Guide to Business Franchising 

For an entrepreneur who aspires to operate his/her own business, business franchising is a popular way to go. There are over 750,000 franchised establishments in the United States today, notably led by McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, KFC, and Burger King. There is... Read More

What Is Purchase Order Financing and How Does It Work?

Businesses that receive substantial orders from their clients face a dilemma when they have insufficient cash on hand to pay their suppliers. An effective solution is purchase order financing, which allows you to accept these orders and grow your company.... Read More

10 Tips to Motivate Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial way is a key part of “The American Way.” Indeed, there are more than 31 million entrepreneurs in the U.S., and in 2020, 4.35 new business applications were received. Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs? The reasons that people... Read More