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Commercial Real Estate Investments: What Are The Different Types of Properties?

When most people think about commercial real estate, the first image which comes to mind is apartment rentals. While these properties are indeed a major component of commercial real estate, there are quite a few other kinds of properties which... Read More

SBA Loan Terms for Gym Equipment

It’s big business in this country to set up a health club or a gym, especially considering the fact that every year these facilities generate a little under $100 billion worth of revenue. If you happen to own one of... Read More

A Guide to Growing Your Franchise

If owning a franchise is a dream as it is for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs each year, you certainly don’t want that dream to “die on the vine.” No, you want to experience healthy and continuing franchise growth. Why is... Read More

How Asset-Based Lending Works

Asset-based lending is a form of financing which is supported by collateral or some kind of tangible asset, often in the form of machinery, inventory, or Accounts Receivable. When a business owner attempts to secure an asset-based loan, he/she can... Read More

5 Key Elements of Branding

Businesses cannot achieve success without proper branding. This is why so many people have invested large sums of money into building and refining their brand identity. Doing so has helped them attract and retain consumers. Check out these five key... Read More