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SBA Loans: How to Qualify for One in 2021

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Consider These 5 Things Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is basically the super-charged version of regular real estate; it broadens your horizons and has the potential to bring in substantially more revenue as you acquire clients....... Read More

How to Use Medical Factoring to Finance a Hospital

More than most industries, healthcare can benefit from medical factoring. This is because so much of their working capital and cash flow come from medical insurance companies, which can take...... Read More

Factoring 101

Factoring is a financial process that works best (most efficiently) if your business has a lot of outstanding invoices. The delay between the rendering of a service and payment can...... Read More

4 Social Media Tips for B2B Marketing Success

Social media has transformed the way many establishments conduct business to business (B2B) marketing. Nowadays, almost every company has a crafted a social media strategy to increase B2B sales. Take...... Read More